Whenever we do a case study, the piece that people seem most drawn to are the detailed financials. Since we’re (almost literally) an open book on this project, we’re happy to share that information.

Below is a break-down of the project by task, with the estimated/actual costs (updated as they change). This includes all the planning work (engineering, surveys, etc), all the site preparation (sediment controls and demo) and the task-by-task breakdown of the construction worfk. From there, you can click the specific Component/Task to be taken to all the blog posts about those tasks; you can click on the Contractor to get information about our specific contractors; and you can click on Total Cost to see the actual bids from our contractors.

To see all of the list of expenses already incurred on this project: Expenses To Date

For a full list of the bids we’ve formally accepted, see here: Accepted Bids

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Component/Task Contractor (Click for Website) Current Estimate Spent To Date
Surveys Frederick Ward Assoc $1,950 $1,950
Environmental/Site Plans Fisher, Collins & Carter $10,330 $10,330
Engineering Services Fisher, Collins & Carter $3,300 $1,150
Architectural Drawings Caddworks $5,490 $5,490
Variance Howard County, MD $325 $325
Permits/Inspections Howard County, MD $12,450 $12,870
Sediment Control
Sediment Control The Bartley Corp $1,600 $1,600
Construction Entrance The Bartley Corp $950 $950
Asbestos Removal ARC Construction $1,800 $1,800
Cap Sewer/Water Lines South Carroll Backhoe $700 $700
Dumpsters Bobby’s Pottys $1450 $967
Porta Potty Bobby’s Pottys $496 $496
Demo The Bartley Corp $9,700 $9,700
Excavation The Bartley Corp $3,100 $3,100
Backfill The Bartley Corp $1,850 $1,850
Backfill Compaction The Bartley Corp $975 $975
Dirt Haulting The Bartley Corp $4,800 $3,315
Foundation – Concrete The Bartley Corp $31,898 $31,898
Foundation – Deck/Porch The Bartley Corp $1,062 $1,062
Foundation – Waterproof The Bartley Corp $3,440 $3,440
Foundation – Termite Annihilators Inc of Maryland $450 $450
Driveway To Be Determined $2,860 $0
Framing – Steel Beams Builder’s First Source $1,664 $1664
Framing – General Builder’s First Source $58,792 $58,792
House Wrap Builder’s First Source $1,274 $1,274
Windows/Exterior Doors Builder’s First Source $9,402 $9,402
Garage Door Automatic Doorz $2,000 $2,000
Roof – Main House Jerry’s Siding & Roofing $7,500 $7,500
Roof – Metal Over Front Jerry’s Siding & Roofing N/A $0
Gutters/Roof Leaders Jerry’s Siding & Roofing $2,747 $2,747
Decks & Porches Builder’s First Source $13,514 $12,727
Vinyl Siding Jerry’s Siding & Roofing $14,137 $14,137
Shutters Jerry’s Siding & Roofing $358 $358
Stone Siding N/A $0 $0
Insulation Devere Insulation $4,782 $4,782
Duct/Blower Door Tests Parent Home Inspections $425 $425
Sheetrock Bill Werking Drywall, Inc. $12,575 $12,575
Interior Paint CertaPro of Ellicott City $8,266 $8,266
Exterior Paint CertaPro of Ellicott City $1,000 $0
Water Meter Installation South Carroll Backhoe $2,930 $2,930
Ground Work Charles A. Klein & Sons $2,675 $2,675
Rough Plumbing Charles A. Klein & Sons $12,105 $12,105
Finish Plumbing Charles A. Klein & Sons $4,539 $4,539
Sprinklers Jenson Fire Protection $5,800 $5,800
Master Shower To Be Determined $2,300 $0
Underground Conduit South Carroll Backhoe $1,125 $1,125
Service Installation Baltimore Gas & Electric $685 $685
Rough Electrical P Electric Services $8,700 $8,700
Finish Electrical P Electric Services $5,728 $4,728
HVAC – Rough/Finish Charles A. Klein & Sons $14,815 $10,303
Doors & Finish Trim Builders First Source $14,014 $14,014
Cabinets/Vanities Peachtree Cabinet Distributors $11,438 $11,438
Countertops Big Brother Marble & Granite $5,020 $5,020
Electric Fireplace To Be Determined $582 $582
Hardwood Lady Baltimore Floors $7,857 $5,238
Carpet Carpet Land $5,901 $5,901
Tile Flooring/Backsplash Santos Bustillo $6,826 $6,826
Appliances To Be Determined $4,695 $4,695
Exterior / Landscaping
Tree Trimming UnLIMBited $1,000 $1,000
Bio-Retention Pond South Carroll Backhoe $6,100 $6,100
Fine Grading To Be Determined $1,250 $1,250
Seed/Top Soil To Be Determined $800 $0
Fence To Be Determined $3,700 $0
Punch List/Cleaning
Mini-Blinds Home Depot $1,008 $1,008
Punch List Various $1,500 $626
Post-Construction Clean To Be Determined $400 $0
CURRENT TOTALS: $372,905 $348,355

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Shane Woods July 22, 2014 at 10:35 am

I love being able to come back and check this periodically throughout the project. Thank you again for being so forthcoming with this and all your other projects. You’ve given me more motivation than I’d like to publicly admit.


Lob July 26, 2014 at 9:19 am

J, love the blog. We are looking to build our own house too soon and this is such a valuable resource you are providing.

Thanks for sharing!


Jeff V March 1, 2015 at 8:20 pm

I’m noticing that your budget line items always seem to be spot on or less than the quoted prices. I’m curious, when you get quotes from Subs, do you negotiate with them at all on their final price?

Also, In one of the post that I have read, you mention that you GC the project yourself. Did you also recommend getting a GC license, as a Real Estate Investor?

Question regarding contractor payment… Do they provide all materials and you pay like half up front and half on completion or how do you suggest structuring contractor payments?

You have done an excellent job on all of your sites. The content is of very high quality and very detailed. Keep up the good work, I’m learning a lot by following your struggles and triumphs in the business.

Good Luck,
Jeff V


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