House Plans

Here is the final revision of the floor plans plus the engineering plans for our house:

Architectural Drawings

3D – 1st Floor(A)
3D – 1st Floor(B)
3D – 1st Floor(C)

3D – 2nd Floor(A)
3D – 2nd Floor(B)
3D – 2nd Floor(C)

Site Surveys (As Built & Proposed)

Here are the site surveys for the house/lot. The first is the “As Built,” meaning the house as it currently stands. The second is for the proposed changes to the lot and structure:

As-Built Survey
Proposed Survey

Site Development Plan (SDP)

The SDP is required by our county and details the existing site conditions and proposed improvements, including topography, existing/proposed buildings, driveways/walkways, utilities and easements, etc:

SDP – Page 1
SDP – Page 2

Environmental Concept Plan (ECP)

The ECP is required by our county and details the storm-water management plan, natural resource protection, sediment control, floodpain reports, wetlands/forestation issues, etc:


Stormwater Management Plan

The stormwater management plan details how we’ll handle water runoff from the structure:

Stormwater Plan

Electrical Plan

Here is the Electrical Plan for the house (i.e., the location/type of all the fixtures):

Page 1
Electric – Page 2
Electric – Page 3
Electric – Page 4

Cabinet/Vanity Plan

Here is the Cabinet Plan for the house (i.e., the layout of the kitchen, bathroom and dining room cabinets):

Dining / Baths

Trim Plan

Here is the Trim Plan for the house (i.e., the molding, casings, baseboards, etc.):

Trim Plan


Here are copies of our approved permits for the project:

Demo Permit
Grading Permit
Building Permit

Pre-Construction Appraisal

Here is an edited copy of the pre-construction appraisal done by the bank:


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Andy March 23, 2015 at 12:48 am

Scott Family

How’d you guys come up with the plans? Was it custom, from the ground up, or did you adapt an existing set of plans for the site?



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