Week 24 Schedule

by J Scott on November 24, 2014

It appears this could be my last schedule post on this blog. Based on last week’s progress, I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll get our Certificate of Completion this week and will move into the house!

Last week, we accomplished a bunch — we got our driveway installed, got the excess dirt hauled, got our lot seeded/strawed, did our paint touch-ups, installed our final handrails, and started finishing the hardwoods. Most importantly, we passed our Final Building Inspection, exactly 5 months to the day after we demo’ed the old property. Which leaves only our final grading to be verified and inspected. We had our surveyors out on Thursday to do our final surveys to determine if we were compliant with everything in our original site plan, including the grading. On Friday afternoon, I got word that the surveys looked good, and rushed around to push them up and drop them off at the inspector’s office, so that we could get our final grading inspection scheduled.

The inspector was getting ready to leave, but was nice enough to take our surveys and told us, “Call for a final grading inspection for Monday, and I’ll be out there first thing in the morning and hopefully get you into your house…” So, we called it in, and our final, final, final inspection is scheduled for this morning. If we pass this one, we should be done with the county requirements. Though we still have some minor stuff to finish up before we can move in…

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the schedule for this week:

  1. Final Grading Inspection: On Monday, we get our final grading inspection. If we pass this, this is the final requirement by the County, and will allow us to get our Certificate of Completion.
  2. Finish Hardwoods: On Monday, our flooring company will be out to put on the third (and final) coat of polyurethane on the hardwoods.
  3. Move In: On Tuesday, assuming we have our Certificate of Completion, we’ll move in!
  4. Mini-Blinds: On Wednesday, we are scheduled to get our mini-blinds installed.
  5. Cleaning: On Tuesday and Wednesday, my wife and I will be doing a lot of cleaning. We’ll have the place professionally cleaned after the Thanksgiving holiday.

After this week, we still have a few minor things to accomplish — the biggest is the fence that we want to have installed around the property (to keep the dog in). And we also need to schedule the installation of our glass shower in the master bathroom — we’re still waiting for the glass to be delivered. But, other than that, the house should be complete this week.

I’ll post more about the budget and all our final pictures later in the week…

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Antonio November 24, 2014 at 8:24 am

The wife should be happy!!


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