Week 18 Schedule

by J Scott on October 13, 2014

We got the important stuff done sast week, though some of the smaller stuff is getting pushed to this week. We finished much of the electrical (outlets, switches, fixtures, panel), got our sprinkler heads installed, got our floors tiled, installed the garage door and got most of our gutters installed (one needs to wait until front porch is completed). We didn’t get our foundation work completed and we also didn’t measure for countertops, two relatively important items.

This week we’ll complete the unfinished stuff from last week, plus a bunch more:

  1. Tile Showers/Tub: From Monday through Wednesday, our tile guys will be focused on getting the showers and master tub tiled.
  2. Install Bathroom Vanities: On Monday, we’ll install the bathroom vanities.
  3. Measure for Countertops: On Monday, after the vanities are installed, we’ll be measuring for countertops.
  4. Pick Out Granite for Countertops: On Tuesday, we’ll be picking out the granite slabs will use for our countertops.
  5. Foundation Work: On Wednesday, we’ll pour a final footer for one of the deck supports and adding a second step on the front porch (two things that got overlooked a couple months back).
  6. Complete Insulation: On Thursday, our insulation company will come back to finish up the second phase of the insulation — blown insulation in the attic and batt insulation in the unfinished portion of the basement.
  7. Complete Trim Carpentry: On Thursday and Friday, we’ll be completing much of the remainder of our trim, including getting our handrails installed, getting our attic pull-down stairs installed, getting the rest of our baseboard/shoe-molding installed, etc.
  8. Measure for Shower Glass: On Friday, we’ll have our glass company measure the master shower for the frameless glass surround.

Should be another productive week!

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