Week 19 Schedule

by J Scott on October 20, 2014

Last week went smoothly, and the interior of the house is coming along nicely. We got the showers tiled, the bathroom vanities installed, we measured for granite (and picked out the granite slabs we wanted), we completed insulation in the attic and unfinished portion of the basement and we got some more of our trim carpentry completed. The two things that didn’t get done were the measuring for shower glass and the remainder of the trim work (mostly minor details like shoe-molding and toe kicks around the cabinets).

On the exterior, we got the new footer poured for the back deck (the one that was missed during foundation work) and got a new front step poured to finish our front porch. We still have a decent amount of work on the exterior, and that stuff may take longer than the interior at this point.

Here’s what’s on the schedule for this week:

  1. Trim Carpentry: On Monday and Tuesday, our trim carpenter will be installing the main stairs handrail and finishing a bunch of other carpentry around the house.
  2. Complete Back Porch: Monday through Wednesday, our carpenters will be finishing up the back porch. We need to replace some railings that weren’t previously installed well and install the screens for the screened-in porch.
  3. Haul Dirt: On Tuesday, we’ll haul the extra dirt that was pulled out a couple weeks ago during our grading.
  4. Install Countertops: On Wednesday, our granite company will be installing kitchen, dining room and bathroom countertops.
  5. Install Water Meter: On Wednesday, with the dirt hauled away, we’ll be able to install our new water meter.
  6. Measure for Carpet: On Thursday, our carpet installer will be out to measure for installation.
  7. Sheetrock Touchups: On Friday, our sheetrock company will be back to do some drywall touchups around the house.
  8. Measure for Shower Glass: On Friday, we’ll have our glass company measure the master shower for the frameless glass surround.
  9. Appliances Delivered: On Friday, our appliances (fridge, range, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, microwave) will be delivered.

Based on the current progress, it looks like we’re back to our original schedule of finishing mid-November, hopefully still in time for Thanksgiving!

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