Week 20 Schedule

by J Scott on October 27, 2014

We accomplished everything we set out to accomplish last week, so I guess that means it was a good week! The interior of the house is really coming together and looks amazing…

The exterior is still a bit behind schedule, but hopefully we’ll have a productive week coming up.

Here’s what’s on the schedule for this week:

  1. Finish Plumbing: On Monday, our plumbers will be back to install all the finish plumbing fixtures and get us ready for the final plumbing inspection.
  2. Tile Backsplash: On Monday and Tuesday, our tile guys will be back to tile and grout the kitchen backsplash.
  3. Plumbing Inspection: By Wednesday, we’re hoping to have our final plumbing inspection.
  4. Sprinkler Inspection: By Wednesday, we’re hoping to have our final sprinkler inspection.
  5. HVAC Trim-Out: By Thursday, we’re expecting our HVAC trim-out to be completed. This includes setting the exterior units (the condensers) and putting on all the registers.
  6. Carpet Installation: On Friday, we expect to have our carpet installed.
  7. Bio-Retention Pond: By Friday, we hope to have our bio-retention pond completed (finally!).
  8. Final Grading: If we can get our bio-retention pond completed by the end of the week, I’ll likely bring my bobcat guy in to do some final grading.

This will be our week to make a final push towards getting the interior of the house completed. We still don’t have electricity turned-on, so we can’t finish everything, but if we can get all this done, we should be in good shape for getting the electricity turned on next week. This week will also be key on the exterior — we really need to finish up the bio-retention pond to keep our goal of being in by Thanksgiving.

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