Countertop Bid: Big Brother Marble & Granite

by J Scott on October 9, 2014

Granite is always a difficult trade to contract out when you don’t already have a reliable vendor. Since we’re new to Maryland, we don’t have anyone we’ve done business with before, so we needed to start from scratch getting bids. We got referrals from more than a half-dozen other investors, and called several granite vendors. A few of them were very expensive (retail pricing), a few of them seemed difficult to work with, and a few of them never returned our calls.

Ultimately, we found a granite company in Baltimore who was quick to provide an estimate, was quick to come out to measure, had very good prices and seemed very easy to work with. Best of all, the company — Big Brother Marble & Granite — says they are able to get the countertops installed just a week after measuring, which is very fast.

They provided quotes for two different granite colors — ultimately, we decided to go with “Moon White,” which is a white granite with grey and dark red patterns throughout. We actually went to the granite warehouse to see the slabs we’d get, and were very happy (there is a lot of variation between slabs, and we wouldn’t have been as happy with some others).

Here is how the pricing breaks down (includes labor and material for fabrication and installation):

  • Kitchen Counters/Island, including Sink and Prep Sink Cut-Outs: $2,435
  • Dining Room and Vanities, including Sink Cut-Outs and Backsplash: $2,275

Total price of $4,710, plus we’ll likely spend about $400-500 more for the kitchen sink and prep sink. So, I’m assuming a final price of about $5200.

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Mike D November 7, 2014 at 11:14 am

What did the cost per ft work out to be for your kitchen?


J Scott November 7, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Hey Mike – I assume you’re asking about the granite, specifically? It came out to almost exactly $40/sf for the whole house (kitchen, dining room, vanities)…


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