by J Scott on July 16, 2015

It’s been about 8 months since we finished the build, and as many people have pointed out to me, we never posted any final photographs of the house. Basically, we got so busy at the end of the build — trying to hit our Thanksgiving goal — and then with the holidays and getting the […]


Certificate of Occupancy

by J Scott November 30, 2014

As of last Monday, we passed our final grading inspection and we received our Certificate of Use and Occupancy, which is the final hurdle from the county before moving into our new home. Since we were finishing the hardwoods on that same day, we weren’t able to move in until the next day, which we […]

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Week 24 Schedule

by J Scott November 24, 2014

It appears this could be my last schedule post on this blog. Based on last week’s progress, I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll get our Certificate of Completion this week and will move into the house! Last week, we accomplished a bunch — we got our driveway installed, got the excess dirt hauled, got our lot […]

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Week 23 Schedule

by J Scott November 17, 2014

Last week was one of the most difficult and stressful weeks of my life…but (hopefully) it will all be worth it. We got our electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems ready for final inspections early in the week, and we passed our HVAC and Plumbing inspections without much issue — but the electrical inspection didn’t go […]

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Week 22 Schedule

by J Scott November 10, 2014

I mentioned that last week would be instrumental in determining whether we’d make our Thanksgiving deadline or not. Well, unfortunately, the results weren’t as clear cut as I had hoped — we made enough progress that we still could make our deadline, but not enough progress that we’re certain to make it. We made a […]

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Week 21 Schedule

by J Scott November 3, 2014

We made some progress last week, but didn’t quite finish everything we were hoping to finish. The plumbing got done, but without power, we don’t have hot water, and couldn’t have our final plumbing inspection. The backsplash in the kitchen got installed, but it wasn’t grouted yet. Carpet went in, other than the steps, which […]

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Week 20 Schedule

by J Scott October 27, 2014

We accomplished everything we set out to accomplish last week, so I guess that means it was a good week! The interior of the house is really coming together and looks amazing… The exterior is still a bit behind schedule, but hopefully we’ll have a productive week coming up. Here’s what’s on the schedule for […]

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Week 19 Schedule

by J Scott October 20, 2014

Last week went smoothly, and the interior of the house is coming along nicely. We got the showers tiled, the bathroom vanities installed, we measured for granite (and picked out the granite slabs we wanted), we completed insulation in the attic and unfinished portion of the basement and we got some more of our trim […]

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Week 18 Schedule

by J Scott October 13, 2014

We got the important stuff done sast week, though some of the smaller stuff is getting pushed to this week. We finished much of the electrical (outlets, switches, fixtures, panel), got our sprinkler heads installed, got our floors tiled, installed the garage door and got most of our gutters installed (one needs to wait until […]

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Countertop Bid: Big Brother Marble & Granite

by J Scott October 9, 2014

Granite is always a difficult trade to contract out when you don’t already have a reliable vendor. Since we’re new to Maryland, we don’t have anyone we’ve done business with before, so we needed to start from scratch getting bids. We got referrals from more than a half-dozen other investors, and called several granite vendors. […]

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Week 17 Schedule

by J Scott October 6, 2014

Last week went pretty well. We finished our siding (minus a couple pieces we were short on material), finished our interior painting, got our kitchen/dining room cabinets installed, finished our trim work, got our electrical conduit (to run underground electric) installed and started putting our underground gutters in place (for our bio-retention pond). The only […]

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