Carpet Bid: Carpet Land

by J Scott September 30, 2014

For this project, we needed a LOT of carpet — in total, over 280 square yards. We have a supplier we’ve worked with extensively in Georgia, and they were willing to help us get carpet up here to Maryland. Ultimately, we were able to get carpet that retails for about $20 per square yard for […]

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Week 16 Schedule

by J Scott September 29, 2014

After two horribly unproductive weeks working on trim, last week was a little bit better. It took three weeks, but we’re now about 95% of the way through our trim work (not including cabinet installation). The doors are installed, the door/window casing is done, the crown molding is installed, the baseboard is in, the wainscotting, […]

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Budget Update

by J Scott September 25, 2014

At the start of the project, we were hoping to keep our budget to $350,000 for all costs other than land — this included engineering, surveys, architects, construction costs, permits, inspections, etc. While that was our goal, we were expecting closer to $360,000, which would be $90 per square foot (4000 square feet of total […]

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Bio-Retention Pond Bid – South Carroll Backhoe

by J Scott September 23, 2014

After having them do all of our utility ground work, I asked our guy at South Carroll Backhoe, Inc. if they’d be interested in doing our bio-retention pond installation as well. Turns out they do that kind of work all the time and their bid was reasonable (though this work in general is ridiculously expensive […]

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Week 15 Schedule

by J Scott September 22, 2014

For the second week in a row, last week was horribly unproductive. The trim guys showed up three out of the five days, but only got about 50-60% through the trim work. Given that I’m using the same company that did the framing, I was expecting that the trim would go similarly to the framing […]

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Tiling Bid: Santos Bustillo

by J Scott September 18, 2014

An investor friend of mine recommended a tiling crew to me and I had them take a look at the project earlier this week. Basically, they just bid the labor portion of the job and I provide all the materials (tile, thin-set, backerboard, grout, etc). There is about 350 square feet of floor tile and […]

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Garage Door Bid – Automatic Doorz

by J Scott September 16, 2014

I could have gone the less expensive way, and had my carpenter install a garage door and opener that I purchased myself, but for simplicity sake, I decided to go turn-key on the garage door and have a local garage door company do all the work. After getting a few bids, I decided to go […]

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Week 14 Schedule

by J Scott September 15, 2014

Last week was horriby unproductive. We finished the hardwood installation on Monday, got some trim delivered on Tuesday and the trim guys showed up on Wednesday. Unfortunately, though, not all the trim got delivered, and there really wasn’t enough for them to do more than a single full day worth of work. So, Wednesday was […]

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Fab Friday Photos- Week 13

by Carol Scott September 12, 2014

Unfortunately, this week has been a lot less productive than originally anticipated. Oh well, gotta make the best of it, right? On the bright side, the hardwood floors look FABULOUS!!! (Nice work, Lady Baltimore Floors!) In terms of trim, the crown molding installation has been completed upstairs, and about 70% of the crown is completed […]

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Getting Rid of the Stone

by J Scott September 11, 2014

After several weeks of searching for a good stone contractor to supply and install the stone on the front exterior of the house (around the bottom of the house and around the front columns), we weren’t making much progress. All of the contractors we spoke with were extraordinarily expensive and their schedules were booked many […]

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Watch on Wednesday: Week 13

by Carol Scott September 10, 2014

Watch on Wednesday: Week 13 This Week’s Location: Sitting amidst a sea of freshly-installed HARDWOOD FLOORS! (i.e. hands-down, my absolute most FAVORITE part of any construction project!) Also, get a glimpse of the newly-primed walls… dare I say it’s actually looking like a house!?! Next on deck: Builders First Source trim carpenters are heading in […]

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