Carpet Bid: Carpet Land

by J Scott on September 30, 2014

For this project, we needed a LOT of carpet — in total, over 280 square yards. We have a supplier we’ve worked with extensively in Georgia, and they were willing to help us get carpet up here to Maryland. Ultimately, we were able to get carpet that retails for about $20 per square yard for under $10 per square yard, and 9 pound pad for about $2.50 per square yard.

In terms of installation, we found a company to both store our carpet for us until we needed it, and also to do the installation of the carpet when we are ready. The company — Carpet Land in Catonsville, MD — will be doing the installation for $1,800. It’s a good bit more than we’re accustomed to paying in Atlanta, but from some preliminary investigation, it’s pretty close to the going rate around here. I’m expecting they’ll do a great job.

Total price for the carpet was about $3900, storage of the carpet is $200 and installation is $1800, for a total of about $5900 for our carpet budget.

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