Week 14 Schedule

by J Scott on September 15, 2014

Last week was horriby unproductive. We finished the hardwood installation on Monday, got some trim delivered on Tuesday and the trim guys showed up on Wednesday. Unfortunately, though, not all the trim got delivered, and there really wasn’t enough for them to do more than a single full day worth of work. So, Wednesday was spent putting up the crown molding throughout the house, but Thursday and Friday nothing happened.

We expect the rest of the trim to get delivered today (Monday) and then hopefully the trim guys will be in the rest of the week finishing up. But, that’s all we have this week.

Based on the slip in the trim schedule, we’ve had to put our interior painting out. But, since our painters are busy next week on another project, we need to push the to September 30. We’re doing to rearrange our cabinet installation and tile installation as much as possible to keep moving forward next week, but I have a feel we’ll lose a couple days with nobody working. Oh well…we’ve been tremendously efficient for the past couple months…something like this was eventually bound to happen.

Just to be official with this post, here are the tasks scheduled for the week:

  1. Install Trim: Tuesday through Friday will be spent installing trim around the house, including baseboards, casing, crown molding, etc.

It’s possible we’ll get some exterior work done this week as well, but I don’t have confirmation on that just yet…

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