Bio-Retention Pond Bid – South Carroll Backhoe

by J Scott on September 23, 2014

After having them do all of our utility ground work, I asked our guy at South Carroll Backhoe, Inc. if they’d be interested in doing our bio-retention pond installation as well. Turns out they do that kind of work all the time and their bid was reasonable (though this work in general is ridiculously expensive due to the heavy equipment and high material costs for stone and piping). At the same time, I’m going to have them run an underground conduit for our power lines — the power company is requiring that we install a PVC pipe from the power pole to the house for them to install the lines underground.

The electrical conduit will take about a half-day and then the bio-retention pond will have to be split over two days, as we’ll need to get a rough inspection once the hole is dug and the rock is poured.

Here is the bid on the two pieces:

  • Install 80′ of Electrical Conduit: $1,125
  • Install Underground 400′ of Underground Piping and 200 SF Bio-Retention Pond: $5,550

The bids include both material and labor, and hopefully they’ll be doing it next week…

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Shane December 5, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Did you talk specifically about the pond earlier in this story? i did a quick look back and didn’t see it. Very interesting…


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