Getting Rid of the Stone

by J Scott on September 11, 2014

After several weeks of searching for a good stone contractor to supply and install the stone on the front exterior of the house (around the bottom of the house and around the front columns), we weren’t making much progress. All of the contractors we spoke with were extraordinarily expensive and their schedules were booked many weeks in advance. I’m sure if I had more time, we could have figured out a solution, but ultimately, we decided that having stone on the exterior wasn’t a must-have, and for both budget and simplicity sake, we decided to get rid of it.

On the house, we’ll replace the stone with additional siding, and around the front porch columns we’ll replace the stone with pre-fabricated wood columns. Overall, this should cut our budget by about $2000, and will make the process of finishing the exterior much faster and simpler.

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