Week 15 Schedule

by J Scott on September 22, 2014

For the second week in a row, last week was horribly unproductive. The trim guys showed up three out of the five days, but only got about 50-60% through the trim work. Given that I’m using the same company that did the framing, I was expecting that the trim would go similarly to the framing work, which was quick and precise. I’m a bit disappointed, but hoping that this week I’m pleasantly surprised and that the trim work finishes strong.

In addition to trim, we have a lot of other stuff expected to happen this week…here is what we have on the schedule:

  1. Install Trim: Tuesday through Thursday will be spent installing trim around the house, including baseboards, casing, crown molding, etc. Trim guys can’t be on-site on Monday, so that will be a down day.
  2. Install Siding: Wednesday and Thursday will likely be siding days. The siding foreman was onsite last week to get final measurements and have a final discussion of the details. He says it should be a two day job, which would be amazing.
  3. Sheetrock Touch-Ups: On Thursday and Friday, the sheetrock guys will be back to do touch-ups, fix any damaged sheetrock and ensure that we’re ready for final paint next week.
  4. Install Cabinets: We expect the cabinets to be delivered on Thursday, and are expecting the trim carpenters to be onsite on Friday to start installation. If they don’t finish on Friday, this will go into next Monday.
  5. Install Garage Door: On Friday, there’s a slight chance the garage door will be delivered and installed. If not, it will likely happen next week.

If we can get all this completed, we should be on schedule to finish by the end of October, a full month ahead of schedule. That would be nice considering our lease on our apartment is up on October 31. If we slip this week, we’ll likely slip into November, and will have to find a place to live for a couple weeks…hopefully it won’t come to that!

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