Week 17 Schedule

by J Scott on October 6, 2014

Last week went pretty well. We finished our siding (minus a couple pieces we were short on material), finished our interior painting, got our kitchen/dining room cabinets installed, finished our trim work, got our electrical conduit (to run underground electric) installed and started putting our underground gutters in place (for our bio-retention pond). The only real issue we had last week was the bio-retention pond, which is turning into a BIG issue — but I’ll discuss that in a future blog post.

This week we have a lot more stuff going on…here is what we have on the schedule:

  1. Finish Electrical: The first half of the week, our electrician will be back to install outlets/switches and all the electrical fixtures (lights, fans, etc). We won’t have electricity for another couple weeks, but hopefully we’ll have the interior electrical work done this week.
  2. Finish Sprinklers: Wednesday and Thursday the sprinkler guys will be back to finish up the sprinklers — this will include the trim for the sprinkler heads and actually connecting the main sprinkler line to the rest of the plumbing.
  3. Tile Floors: From Tuesday through , one of our tile guys will come in and start tackling the bathroom and laundry room floors. We have a separate tile guy for the showers/tubs, but getting the floors done first will allow us to move forward setting the vanities in the bathrooms.
  4. Install Garage Door: On Tuesday, our garage door will be installed.
  5. Measure for Countertops: On Thursday, we’ll be measuring for countertops.
  6. Install Gutters: Towards the end of the week, gutters will be installed.
  7. Foundation Work: There were a couple foundation items that still need to be completed, including pouring a final footer for one of the deck supports and adding a second step on the front porch. On Friday, I’m hoping the foundation company comes back to finish those things up.

We’ll likely have contractors crawling all over each other again this week, but hopefully there won’t be too much commotion. At this point, we’re still on-track to finish around the second week of November…

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