Foundation Bid: The Bartley Corp

by J Scott on April 7, 2014

It’s been over a month since we received our last foundation bid revision — I’ve almost forgotten about it at this point, even though I still really need to get the number down a few thousand more dollars to stay anywhere near our budget (like I said previously, I knew we’d pay more to go turn-key, but we need to keep things reasonable).

I went back to The Bartley Corp and asked if they could come down $2000 more. They agreed to come down $1000, and we discussed that I might have to go elsewhere for the driveway work (we can save a few thousand by doing an asphalt driveway instead of a concrete driveway). Also, since the new driveway will be poured over the construction entrance, we shouldn’t have to pay to have the construction entrance torn down.

Here’s the final bid that we’ll be going with:

It breaks down as follows:

  • Construction Entrance: $950
  • Demo: $9700
  • Excavation: $3100
  • Backfill: $1850
  • Concrete Work: $34,022
  • Waterproofing: $3440
  • Driveway: $6980

UPDATE: We’ve decided that we want to do a compacted backfill, as opposed to just dumping the dirt into the hole. This will help reduce water intrusion and reduce settling of the soil around the concrete walls — both of which will help maintain the foundation. We don’t have a firm price on this work yet, but I’m hoping/expecting it to be in the $2000 range.

UPDATE: Bartley Corp. was very generous and chose to only charge us time and materials for the compaction of the backfill. Ultimately, it was a day of work and the final price was $975.

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