Duct Test & Blower Door Bid – Parent Home Inspections

by J Scott on August 14, 2014

In order to pass final building inspection, there are two energy efficiency tests that need to be passed…

The first is an air duct leakage test, which is meant to ensure that the HVAC duct installation doesn’t have any significant leaks. This test is typically performed after the HVAC rough-in, but before insulation (in case any rework needs to be done). The second is called a “blower door” test, and it is designed to measure the airtightness of the house, in general. It tests for air leaks through doors, walls, HVAC ducting, etc. It is generally run towards the end of the project, when all the doors, windows, flooring and other major systems have been installed.

My HVAC company recommended a contractor for these two tests — Parent Home Inspections. I spoke with the owner of the company today, and here is what I should expect in terms of testing costs:

  • Duct Leakage Test: $200
  • Blower Door Test: $225

I expect we’ll be getting the duct leakage test within the next week and the blower door test near the end of the project.

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