Cap Utilities Bid: South Carroll Backhoe

by J Scott on June 17, 2014

I’ve been debating for the past few weeks about whether to have a professional utility company come in and disconnect/cap-off the water and sewer lines or whether I should just have my demo company cut the lines and I could figure out my own way to cap it off (likely using an expanding spray foam in the sewer line to protect against mud/dirt getting down there). While there is no county requirement for this work to be permitted, I finally decided that — to avoid a worst case situation where we cause a sewer or water line break at the street — I’d go with a professional.

Last Friday, I called the company that will be replacing our water meter and doing our ground work — South Carroll Backhoe, Inc. — and asked about their availability (it needs to be done before demo starts). The guy I’m working with there agreed to make some time yesterday to do the work, and he took care of it. Ultimately, having a professional do it was an extra $700, but it’s one less major catastrophe I need to worry about once demo gets underway.

Btw, over the weekend, I bought a new camera I plan to use for the time-lapse videos I’ll be making and posting to the site. I hadn’t had a chance to play with it before yesterday, so I decided to shoot a test time-lapse video our contractor digging up and capping off the sewer. It’s not very interesting (and the angle is wrong), but I only had about 3 minutes to figure out how to setup the camera before he started the work.

Here’s the video…I have a couple days to figure out optimal mounting location, camera interval and playback frame-rate. I’m looking forward to starting the demo and construction videos on Wednesday!

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