Dumpster Bid: Bobby’s Pottys

by J Scott on May 29, 2014

Most of our contractors will require that we provide a roll-off dumpster on-site to discard trash and debris. I’m hoping to keep the number of dumpsters we’ll need to a minimum, but I imagine we’ll need at least three throughout the project (maybe more).

I’ll likely be using Bobby’s Pottys for our porta potty needs, and they also provide roll-off dumpsters. Having even one fewer vendor in a project can make things much easier, so I’ll likely be using them for out dumpster needs as well.

They charge about $500 for a 30-yard roll-off dumpster, and if you get two dumpsters in the same month, they give the porta potty for free that month. So, if we do go over our estimated dumpster needs, we may at least save some money on the porta potty side of things. For now, I’m assuming we’ll need three 30-yard dumpsters for a total of about $1,500.

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