Architectural Drawing Bid – Caddworks

by J Scott on October 23, 2013

We’ve spent much of the past few weeks getting bids from architects and draftsmen who could take our homemade house design and translate it into architectural/engineering drawings that we can use for permitting and construction. While we don’t technically need an architect (we know the design and details we want), finding someone who is competent at both the engineering aspects and the design/drawing aspects is key for us.

Ultimately, we found a company local to us — Caddworks — who specializes in custom home drafting/drawing, but with a strong architectural and engineering background. After discussing the project and what we were looking for, they agreed to complete the project in three phases (Initial Design drawings to sort out the big details, Advanced Drawings that we could use to get bids and Permit Drawings that we could use to submit for permits) for $5000, plus any engineering and reimbursable expenses.

We expect the total cost, start to finish, to be about $6000…

UPDATE: Our final total costs for this components was right about $5490, less than we expected.

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