ECP/SDP Bid: Fisher, Collins & Carter

by J Scott on October 21, 2013

As I mentioned earlier in the week, we started looking for an engineering firm that could complete our ECP/SDP and handle the other engineering services we’d need during construction. We spoke with about a half-dozen firms, and prices ranged from about $5000 to about $12,000, not including all the reimbursable expenses and the filing fees. So, realistically, we’re looking at between $8000 and $15,000 for this work.

We found one firm that we liked and who gave us a very reasonable quote — Fisher, Collins & Carter. Their bid breaks down as such:

  • Boundary Survey: $800
  • Topographic Survey: $1,500
  • Environmental Concept Plan: $1,750
  • Site Development Plan: $2,350
  • Stormwater Management Design: $750
  • Forestation Report: $250
  • Other Construction Services: $2,300

The other construction services include staking out of the property for foundation location, foundation location certification, storm-water management certification, grading certification, etc.

While I’ve already had a boundary and topographic survey, I have a feeling they’ll need to redo the boundary survey, as the original surveyor didn’t mark the corners of the property. But hopefully we can save some money on the topographic survey. Additionally, I expect about $3000 in additional reimbursable costs and filing fees on top of the quote above.

For the budget, to be safe, I’m going to assume $10,000 for all the plan work and the full $2,300 for the other construction services.

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