by J Scott on October 14, 2013

Because it turns out that we’ll be disturbing more than 5000 square feet of land during our build, Maryland (and our county) has a requirement that we go through a complicated environmental and engineering review cycle before they will grant us permits to proceed with the new build. This involves having an engineer create and submit two documents for review by various county agencies:

  1. Environmental Concept Plan (ECP)
  2. Site Development Plan (SDP)

The whole process can take anywhere from 4-12 months, though because ours is a single residential lot that doesn’t have any complications (not in a flood plain, not near a watershed, etc), we’re expecting that we should be on the shorter end of that timeline. Now it’s just time to find an engineer who can get this done for a reasonable price.

Since we’ll also want an engineer to handle other engineering services as well (staking the foundation, verifying the foundation location, etc), this is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone…

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