Sediment Control Bid: The Bartley Corp

by J Scott on April 10, 2014

Prior to starting demolition or foundation work, we need install sediment control around the property — these are fences (called “silt fences” or for the super sturdy ones, “super silt fences”) that control the runoff dirt/mud that could potentially get into the water supply. We also need to install a fence to protect one of our trees from damage during construction (it sits precariously close to where the new house will be built).

While the foundation company doesn’t do this work themselves, they work closely with another company who does. They’ll coordinate all the work and then just pass on the invoice to me. Here is what they charge per linear foot for the work and the estimate number of feet we’ll need for each installation (this is from our Site Plan):

  • Silt Fence: $3.50/LF (About 200 LF): $700
  • Super Silt Fence: $9.50/LF (About 80 LF): $760
  • Tree Protection: $4.00/LF (About 60 LF): $240

In total, that’s about $1,700, but because I estimated measurements off the drawings and I like to be on the conservative side, I’m going to assume $1,900 for my estimate.

UPDATE: The total cost of the sediment control turned out to be $1,600, so we saw a few hundred dollar savings there!

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