Electrical Bid: P Electric Services

by J Scott on April 14, 2014

I got the name of a master electrician from a trusted builder friend of mine a couple months ago, and now that we have our electrical plan in order, I gave him a call and discussed the project with him. He asked me to send him the architectural drawings and the electrical plan, and within a few hours, he had sent me a bid.

The bid was short on details and a bit higher than I had budgeted ($11,750), but after speaking with my friend, I was confident that the lack of detail in the bid wouldn’t translate to issues on the project and he also suggested that I should be able to negotiate the bid down by about 10%. I shot the electrician and email last night asking if he’d do $10,500, and he quickly agreed (I guess I didn’t go low enough :)).

In terms of materials, I’m estimating about $500 in rough electrical materials (bath fans, garbage disposal, etc), and about $2500 in finish materials, which should cover all the light fixtures. The contractor will be supplying all the rough wiring material (wire, panel, breakers, boxes, etc), as well as the outlets/switches and can lights.

He also indicated that he could install a temporary power pole for $800, but that it was relatively uncommon in this area — most contractors will bring their own generators until the electrician can get power to the house. I haven’t decided if I’ll go with the temporary power pole or not…I’ll need to speak with my foundation, framing and other mechanical contractors to determine if they will need it or not.

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