Grading Permit Application Submitted

by J Scott on May 16, 2014

We thought the big day was finally here — our engineer called us this morning and told us she had all the signed site plans in hand. This was the last piece of the puzzle for getting our grading and building permits, assuming the ADO (the water meter deposit) wasn’t going to hold up applying for permits. We picked up the site plans and headed to the permit department…

For the Grading Permit, we needed to turn in the following:

  • Grading Permit Application
  • (2) Copies of the Signed Site Plan
  • Cost Estimate for the Grading Work (Standard Template)
  • Surety Bond (Payment the Building Dept Holds Until Grading is Complete)
  • Check for Submission Fees ($845)

All was good and our grading permit application was accepted…we are hoping it will be approved within about 2-3 weeks.

For the Building Permit, the first thing the woman asked about was whether we could submit without our water meter deposit. As expected, she didn’t think so, and she suggested we call the head of the utility department to verify one way or the other. I was able to get him on the phone right then, and he verified that without a formal bid for the utility work and a deposit, we couldn’t move forward with our Building Permit application. On the bright side, he gave me a few names of contractors to try and he said that once we had a bid in-hand that I could come directly to him to complete the next steps.

So, we’re still in a holding pattern on the Building Permit until we get a contractor bid. Also, we’re still waiting for one more Demo Approval Letter from the Well/Septic department before we can get our Demo Permit.

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