Disconnect/Demo Letters

by J Scott on April 30, 2014

In order to get the permit to demo our existing house, we need to have all of our utilities disconnected, water/electrical meters removed and we have to get approvals from various county agencies (historical preservation, well/septic, etc). I spent much of this morning calling to schedule all the disconnects. Here’s where things stand:

Water/Sewer: Water and sewer services are scheduled to be disconnected (and the water meter removed) next Monday, May 5. I should be able to get a letter of approval for demo by late next week.

Electrical: Electrical services are scheduled to be disconnected (and the electric meter removed) this Friday, May 2. I should be able to get a letter of approval for demo by late next week.

Phone: Data services are scheduled to be disconnected next Monday, May 5. After that, I’ll need to call to get the lines pulled and get a letter of approval for demo — hopefully all completed by late next week.

Well/Septic: I actually submitted the form to get approval by the well/septic department several weeks ago. We aren’t currently on well/septic, but they still need to review records to verify this and give approval. I’ve been told that I should have something by next week.

Historical Preservation: We received the demo approval letter from historical preservation last week, so we’re good to go there.

Asbestos Removal: I called the asbestos department, and apparently, I only needed to call them for informational purposes (they don’t need to provide a letter). We discussed the removal I’m having done, they had no issues with it, and it looks like we’re good to go on that.

Based on all this, it appears we should have all the approvals we need to get our demo permit by late next week. In addition, we’re moving out of the house on Thursday and we’re scheduled to have the asbestos siding removed in the next few days, so the house will be ready for demo by the time we receive the letters. Of course, we likely won’t actually start demo until we have all of our building permits (don’t want to risk knocking down the house until we’re 100% certain we have approval to rebuild), but it will be nice to be ahead of schedule on that piece.

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