New Requirement – Water Meter Bid/Deposit

by J Scott on May 9, 2014

Looks like we got hit with a new requirement from the county today. Historically, the county has required that new construction commercial properties submit information about the contractor who will be installing the water meter and making a water line connection to the public lines. This also includes a bid for the work and a deposit to the county to ensure that if the contractor screws up (for example, if he accidentally contaminates the public water), the county has at least partial compensation.

This has never been required for new construction residential — until recently. Apparently, when the requirements for sprinklers in residential new construction was introduced, this now required a larger water line connection to the street, and the county started requiring utility deposits for residential new construction. My engineer wasn’t aware of this new requirement and just found out about it today.

I don’t know any utility contractors (there’s a short list of licensed/approved contractors in the county), and the requirement is that I get a bid from the contractor who will be doing the work before I can pay the deposit. While it shouldn’t be a huge deal, the big issue is that the county won’t allow the submission of the Building Permit application until the deposit is paid. In other words, even if we get everything else required for the permit submission in the next few days, we’re now blocked until I can get a bid for the utility work and pay the deposit.

So, it appears that I’ll be gathering a couple water utility bids as quickly as possible so that we can get moving on this requirement and get our permit applications submitted as soon as possible…

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