Fab Friday Photos- Week 1

by Carol Scott on June 20, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone!

We’ve had an AWESOME week with a ton of progress: South Carroll Backhoe came in bright and early Monday morning to cap off the water and sewer lines. On Tuesday, Fisher, Collins, and Carter surveyors staked out the lot in accordance with their cutsheet while The Bartley Corp. prepped the site with a sill fence and tree protection measures to prepare for demolition.

Chimney House came down in 90 short minutes on Wednesday morning as neighbors, family, and friends watched the action. With a massive sugar buzz from waaaaaaay too many donuts, the kiddos had a supercool opportunity to ride in the excavator and help move some dirt as the big red dump truck hauled away debris. Later that morning, Mr. Sediment Control inspector stopped by to give a thumbs-up for the last step of County approvals. The Bartley Corp. kept moving right along Wednesday afternoon as they placed pins in the ground to outline the house footprint and continued excavating the old basement to make way for the new one.

Bobby’s Pottys made a special delivery Thursday morning as we watched the lot transform before our eyes from a lovely, peaceful, quiet yard to a full-blown episode of Mighty Machines. By the end of the day, despite the rain, rocks were hauled in to create an official construction entrance, there was a (very, very, miniature version of the) Grand Canyon where the house once stood, and the fact that we originally thought we could stay within 5,000 square feet of disturbance was quite laughable in retrospect.

And here we are on Friday morning with Building Permit in hand, ready to watch the site get back into shape today for foundation work to begin on Monday. Here are a few fun photos… Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!

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