Week 1: Schedule

by J Scott on June 16, 2014

I met with the foreman for the demo/foundation company this past Friday to discuss the schedule for getting started on the demolition and foundation work. While we were hoping to start demo first thing today (Monday), the wet weather at the end of last week has pushed that back a day or two.

It’s a packed schedule, but here is what we expect/hope to accomplish this week, weather permitting:

  1. Stakeout: On Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, the engineering firm will do an initial stakeout of where the foundation will go.
  2. Sediment Control: On Tuesday, the sediment control measures will go in.
  3. Sediment Control Inspection: On Wednesday, we’ll get our Sediment Control inspection.
  4. Demo: On Wednesday, we’ll start demo.
  5. Porta Potty: On Thursday, after demo is completed, we’ll get a porta potty on-site.
  6. Building Permit: On Thursday (after passing our Sediment Control inspection), we’ll get our Building Permit.
  7. Construction Entrance: On Thursday, once demo is complete, the foundation company will install the construction entrance.
  8. Excavation: On Thursday or Friday, we’ll start excavating for the new basement/foundation location.

If we can accomplish all of this in Week 1, we’ll still be on schedule… 🙂

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