Week 4: Schedule

by J Scott on July 7, 2014

My original schedule called for us to be through foundation work and starting on framing by today, but I underestimated the complexity and sheer volume of work it required to get the foundation on this house completed (this is the first time we’ve built a house with a full basement). So, it looks like we won’t be through the foundation work until the end of this week.

During Week #3 of construction (which was a short week due to rain and the 4th of July holiday), we were able to finish the foundation walls, waterproof, install draintile and install the under-slab plumbing. We passed our waterproofing inspections and need to redo our plumbing inspection. Also, the termite pre-treatment was schedule for late last week, but I never received notification if it was completed, so I need to verify that as well.

Here is what we’re looking like in terms of schedule for this week:

  1. Plumbing Re-Inspection: On Monday, the plumbing inspector will return to re-inspect the under-slab plumbing.
  2. Termite Pre-Treatment: On Monday, I’ll verify that we completed termite pre-treatment last week. If we didn’t, we’ll get that rescheduled ASAP.
  3. Backfill for Slab Work: Mid-week, we will be back-filling a bunch of dirt into the garage and front porch areas. These areas were where the old basement used to be, and was been dug out down to about 9′ down when the old basement was removed. We want to pour concrete there for the garage and front porch, so we need to fill in a lot of dirt to bring it up to ground level for the slabs.
  4. Pour Concrete for Flat Work: By the end of the week, and once the backfill is done, we can prep and pour the final concrete for the slabs, including the basement slab, the garage slab and the front porch slab. We can also pour the areaway steps.

Once all that work is done, all that’s left is filling back in the dirt around the foundation (“backfilling”) which may be done before the framing starts or may wait until after.

UPDATE: Termite work WAS completed last week…so we’re good to go there.

UPDATE: Reinspection on the ground plumbing passed today…so we’re good to go there.

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