Waterproofing/Plumbing Inspections Passed

by J Scott on July 3, 2014

We had three county inspections yesterday:

  • Waterproofing
  • Exterior Draintile
  • Plumbing Ground Work

I was present for the waterproofing and draintile inspections and we passed with flying colors.  And while I haven’t yet seen the inspection sticker, my plumber tells me that we passed the plumbing inspection as well.

This means we’re just left with concrete flat work (slabs and areaway), which hopefully will complete next week.  My foundation company is telling me that they’re a little behind with the recent rain we’ve been getting, but I’m hopeful that we’ll finish the foundation next week and be ready for framing the following,.

UPDATE: Turns out I was incorrect about the plumbing ground inspection passing. There was some miscommunication between my plumber and myself and ultimately, when the inspector showed up for the inspection, there was no access set up for him to get into the basement area to verify the work. Since he couldn’t verify the work, we failed the inspection and will need to try again on Monday.

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