Covenants Completed

by J Scott on April 24, 2014

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, our Environmental Concept Plan (ECP) and Site Development Plan (SDP) have been conditionally approved and the county was preparing our covenants. Today, the covenants were completed, we signed everything, paid our fee (there’s always a fee :), and now the county will be passing around the document for formal signatures from various departments.

Also, now that we have the covenants completed, our engineer can submit the physical signed copy of the SDP, which will get passed around the county for more signatures. Once the SDP is signed off by all parties — we expect this to take about 2 weeks — we’ll be free to file our demo, grading and building permits, which will effectively kick off the project.

So, at this point, we’re looking at filing for permits the first or second week of May…

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