Building Permit Status #4

by J Scott on June 9, 2014

I posted at the end of last week that the only department that hadn’t signed off on the Building Permit was Sediment Control. Over the weekend, I was thinking about this, and realized that Sediment Control might be waiting to do their inspection (of the sediment control measures) before signing off on the Building Permit.

So, this morning, I stopped by the Permits Departments and sure enough, that’s the case. The Building Permit is just waiting for Sediment Control sign-off and Sediment Control is just waiting for us to have our inspection. Of course, we haven’t yet installed the sediment control measures, so there’s nothing yet to inspect. I called my Demo/Foundation company — who are also doing the sediment control — and we’re going to meet later this week to get this, and the rest of the schedule, hammered out.

We were hoping to demo next Monday, and hopefully this won’t hold that up…

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