Building Permit Application Submitted

by J Scott on May 21, 2014

Finally! We’ve submitted for our Building Permit

After getting the Water Meter installation bid last night, I called the head of the utilities department first thing morning to see when I could stop in to complete the process. He first started to tell me that he was busy for the next couple days, but then asked how quickly I could get to his office. Of course, I ran out the door and headed right over.

The guy was about as nice as could be and 30 minutes after I got to his office, I walked out with an approval for the utility work and a clear to submit for Building Permits. Of course, it wasn’t free — the total payment to the county for this approval was $2,185. On the bright side, he waived about $1,200 in sewer fees for us, and of the $2,185, $1,500 is a deposit that we’ll get back when the work is done. So, in the end, it’s really less than $700, and covers all water/sewer approvals.

As soon as I left his office, I headed down to the permits office to submit our Building Permit application. For the Building Permit, we needed to turn in the following:

  • Building Permit Application
  • (2) Copies of the Signed Site Plan
  • (5) Copies of a Scaled Down Site Plan
  • (2) Sets of Architectural Drawings Stamped by Engineer
  • Check for Submission Fees ($100)

We’re hoping that the review goes smoothly and that our permit is approved within the next 3-4 weeks.

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