Week 8 Schedule

by J Scott on August 4, 2014

We accomplished most of what we had planned for last week and the house is now dried-in! The only task that didn’t complete was running the new water and sewer lines, as the plumbing company had some scheduling issues with their machinery.

Luckily, that work doesn’t impact the schedule, and everything is on-track to move forward this week with plumbing and mechanicals.

Here is what we’re looking like in terms of detailed schedule for this week:

  1. Install Water & Sewer Lines: On Monday and Tuesday, our plumber will be on-site to install the water and sewer lines from the street to the house.
  2. HVAC Rough-In: On Monday, HVAC rough-in will start. I did a walk-through of the house last week with the HVAC supervisor and we’re clear on where the units will go and how the duct work will be run. I’m hoping rough-in will complete by Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.
  3. Plumbing Rough-In: On Wednesday, after HVAC has had a reasonable head-start, plumbing rough-in will start I’m hoping rough-in will complete by Friday.
  4. Framing Punch-Out: On Friday and Saturday, the framing crew will be coming back to do their punch-out work. This includes building soffits/bulkheads around the new HVAC and plumbing (where needed), fixed any issues caused or found during rough-in, etc. By the time this work is completed, we should be good to go on framing inspections (when mechanicals are completed).
  5. HVAC Rough Inspection: By end of the week, I’m hoping we’ve passed our HVAC rough inspection.

It doesn’t sound like a busy week, but this one will be crucial to ensuring that we can get through rough-ins quickly and start moving on to sheetrock and interior finishing…

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