Week 10 Schedule

by J Scott on August 18, 2014

Last week was busy, and mostly successful. We finished our plumbing rough-in and passed our plumbing inspection; we finished HVAC rough-in and passed our HVAC inspection; we finished sprinkler rough-in and passed our sprinkler inspection; and we finished electrical rough-in — but haven’t yet passed our electrical inspection. We failed our electrical inspection on Thursday, and unfortunately, the inspector didn’t work on Friday, so while the electrician fixed the issues, we couldn’t finish up the re-inspection.

This coming week will be pretty slow — we’ll be focused on inspections and insulation all week, along with (hopefully) finishing up the front and rear porches/deck. Here is what we’re looking like in terms of detailed schedule for this week:

  1. Deck & Porches: On Monday, our framing crew will be back to work on the front deck and the rear deck/porch. This includes the front columns, the screened porch and all the decking and trim.
  2. Electrical Rough Inspection: On Monday, I’m hoping we pass our electrical rough inspection.
  3. HVAC Duct Leakage Test: On Tuesday, we have a contractor coming out to do a duct leakage test on the HVAC ducts. This is a required test in order to pass final HVAC inspection.
  4. Framing Inspection: On Tuesday, I’m hoping to pass our framing inspection.
  5. Insulation: Assuming there are no issues with the electrical and framing inspections, we expect to start insulation on Wednesday. This phase of insulation will include sealing the attic and installing batt insulation in all exterior — and some interior — walls. The work should take two days.
  6. Insulation Inspection: On Friday, if the rest of the week goes smoothly, I’m hoping to have our insulation inspection.

If we can complete all our inspections and insulation work, we’ll be ready to start sheetrock next week, and we’ll be a week or two AHEAD of schedule…

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