Water Flow Testing

by J Scott on April 21, 2014

Per code, we have to install sprinklers in our new house (and I really hate that). The work is done by contractors specially licensed by the state Fire Marshall (not just any plumber can do it), and in order for sprinkler contractors to determine how to design/install the system, they need to know what the water pressure is at the street.

I called the county water department last week to schedule a water flow test that will provide this information. I got a call this morning from a county employee who told me that a house down the street had already requested a flow test (this is another new construction in our neighborhood), and that the results would apply to our house as well (we’re in the same water “zone”). Normally, it takes a month to schedule the test, but luckily, the other builder scheduled it about a month ago, so it should be done this week and we should have the results by the end of the week.

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