Slab Prep Completed – Pictures

by J Scott on July 17, 2014

Our foundation company had a long day on Wednesday prepping the site for the concrete slabs to be poured.
They spent the day building forms, laying/spreading gravel, digging trenches for concrete, installing rebar, laying vapor barrier, etc.

Tomorrow we’ll have our county inspection for all the prep work, and weather permitting, we’ll pour the basement, garage and areaway on Friday morning. The front porch slab will wait until after first floor framing is completed (this is typical, but I still don’t understand the logic).

Here are some pictures of the prep work…

Gravel truck pouring stone:

Digging trenches for concrete in the garage:

Plumbing ground work covered and prepped:

Spreading stone in the basement area:

Laying vapor barrier below the basement slab:

Final garage prep:

Storage area in back of garage prepped:

Forms for areaway steps:

Basement slab ready to be poured:

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