Preliminary Plans In-Hand

by J Scott on November 1, 2013

It’s been two weeks since we officially hired our drafting firm to complete our architectural plans, and they just sent us the Preliminary Plans. The purpose of these is to lay out the floor plan and front elevations so that we can work out any major details before moving on the the more detailed plans.

Here they are…click for the full document:

Preliminary Plans

We are tremendously pleased with these, and are very happy with our overall design. For the elevations, we’ve decided that we like the cantilever bump-out on the front (it adds some aesthetic value and also adds a bit of square footage) and we also like the flat metal roof over the front porch — so we’ll pretty much stick with the bottom elevation drawing on the last page.

That said, now that we see the design in this format, we found some small tweaks we want to make:

1. Increase the size of the entry door from the garage to 32″ to make it easier to move stuff in and out
2. Increase the pantry opening to 32″ and pantry door into the hallway to 32″ as well
3. Add a door from the back of garage storage to access the back yard
4. Move the kitchen island 6″ to the right, to allow 4′ between island and countertops on both sides
5. In master bath upstairs, move the shelves to the outside wall of the water closet rather than the inside wall

Lastly, we haven’t yet figured out a design for the basement…we need to get to work on that!

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