Movin’ Out…

by J Scott on May 1, 2014

We moved out of the house today. We rented an apartment for six months a couple minutes away…

It’s still at least 4-6 weeks before we demo, but in order to start demo, we need to disconnect the utilities, get letters from the various utility agencies giving their OK to demo, and we need to apply (and be granted) our demo permit. All of this should only take a week or two, but we didn’t want to risk holding up the whole process just because we waited too long to move.

Luckily, not only do we not care about messing up the walls/floor of the house (it’s getting knocked down in a few weeks), but most of our furniture is old and in pretty bad shape (we bought a lot of used and inexpensive stuff when we moved here because all our stuff is still in storage), so we were perfectly comfortable just throwing everything in a U-Haul without much planning… 🙂


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