Mechanical Week Update

by J Scott on August 7, 2014

This was our week to start our mechanicals (HVAC/plumbing) among other things, and the week is looking to be successful so far. Here’s where things stand as of Thursday evening:

  • On Monday and Tuesday, we got our main water and sewer lines installed and passed inspection
  • On Tuesday, we started HVAC rough-in, and by Thursday we were finished other than the refrigerant lines (which will be done next week)
  • On Wednesday, we started plumbing, but they didn’t get all the material delivered on time, and as of Thursday evening, the plumbers were only about 1/3 of the way done. They’re hoping to finish by Monday
  • On Wednesday, the concrete company came back to pour the front porch and that completed in less than a day

So, everything is going about as smoothly as I could have hoped. Only issue we ran into was that the plumbers needed to cut a joist in order to install the shower pan in the master bath — I spent a couple days going back and forth with the lumber company engineer to determine an appropriate fix for that. I think we finally found something that won’t cause other issues, and we’ll get that fix implemented over the weekend. We also realized that the opening to the basement from the areaway was too short for a standard exterior door, but we think we have a fix for that as well over the weekend.

On Saturday, the framing crew should be back to finish up the punch list on the inside, including framing around the HVAC ducts that were installed. Hopefully they’ll start work on the front and/or back porches as well — getting the columns built, installing the decking, etc.

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Francisco August 10, 2014 at 9:40 am

Hello J,

The video feed from the drop cam looks great ! Roof is up , windows and door are installed …..fantastic and informative from you like always J !



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