Framing Inspection Passed!

by J Scott on August 19, 2014

It’s been an absolutely crazy 24 hours at The Scott Pad…here’s an update:

  • On Monday morning, we passed our Electrical Rough-In Inspection.
  • This allowed us to call in for our Framing Inspection. I read through the Framing Inspection requirements and noticed that I needed to turn in a copy of our location survey (the survey done after the foundation was completed indicating it was built in the correct location). I drove the survey down to the inspections department and dropped it off for my inspector. About an hour later, I get a call from the inspector saying there was a problem with the survey. Turns out the survey indicated that the house was built 2.5′ too high! They only allow the height be off by 1′, so we had a major problem.
  • I called my foundation company to see if they did their own survey to verify the height when they were completed. My PM at the foundation company spent an hour combing through his records and determined that they did elevation checks during several different phases of the project, and they *all* appeared to be within inches of where they were supposed to be. Based on some other evidence (the fact that the garage slab isn’t 2.5′ above the drive :), the thought was that the survey company made a mistake. The only question was whether the mistake was at the beginning (and the whole project was off by 2.5′) or the mistake was at the end (and the project was just fine, we just had an error in the final number).
  • The survey company jumped right on things, and an hour later called to tell me that they have just transposed a couple numbers in the raw data, and that the actual elevation was only an inch off of where it should be.
  • They prepared a new survey and I got there about a minute before closing to pick it up.
  • First thing this morning, I drove it over to the inspection department and was ready to beg the inspector to do the inspection today (it needs to be called in a day in advance and it had been cancelled yesterday when I didn’t have a good survey). Turns out he was really nice and agreed to do the inspection today.
  • A few hours later, he showed up for the inspection. He found three issues, all of which he agreed could be fixed between now and our insulation inspection. So, he passed us (conditionally) and will be letting us move on to start insulation tomorrow.
  • One of the issues was that we need “radon caulk” around the foundation perimeter in the basement. I had never heard of this before, but I called my insulation company and they said that for $200 more, they could do that as part of their work. So, that should get done in the next day or two. The other two issues were minor framing issues that should get completed tomorrow.
  • As the building inspector was leaving, the air duct leakage test guy was showing up. He completed our air duct leaking test, and we passed with flying colors! Another item we can check off our inspection list.

All in all, a crazy a couple days, but after all the close calls, everything is still on schedule. If the rest of the week goes smoothly, we’ll finish insulation on Thursday and pass our insulation inspection on Friday. That lets us start sheetrock on Monday…

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