Framing Bids – Bids in Hand

by J Scott on April 7, 2014

We’ve received framing/dry-in bids from each of the large turn-key companies we were talking to. While we were originally planning to work with ProBuild (who we worked with in Atlanta), I honestly wasn’t impressed with their responsiveness or their attention to detail. It took several months to get final numbers from them (partially our fault since we were delayed on final drawings), and when we finally sat down with them to discuss numbers, there were a few details that didn’t sit right with us.

We also got numbers from Builder’s First Source, and while they weren’t originally our first choice, we were very impressed with their attention to detail and their responsiveness. Unfortunately though, their number came in a good bit higher than ProBuild and they don’t seem very receptive to negotiating. They asked us where the price needed to be, and I gave them a number. We’ll see what they come back with.

While I’m willing to pay a bit more to work with these guys (again, they were much more responsive and detail-oriented), I’m not willing to pay a lot more, as I know ProBuild will ultimately come through if we need them to. I’ll post more as the negotiations continue and we figure out which direction we’ll be going.

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