Foundation Walls Formed/Poured

by J Scott on June 28, 2014

It was a busy day at the build site on Friday. We were hoping to have the foundation walls started on Thursday and completed by Friday, but with some bad weather mid-week and the foundation company being in their busy season, things didn’t really get started until Friday.

On Thursday, they dropped off the wall forms to the site. On Friday morning — after finishing up another job — the wall crew got started putting up the walls around 11:00am. They moved very quickly, and by 4:00pm, they were done and ready to pour. Seven trucks of concrete showed up around 4:15pm, and by 6:15pm, the walls were poured and adjusted. By 6:45pm, the site was empty again — less than 8 hours to build and pour the entire foundation is pretty impressive!

Here’s some time-lapse video (sorry, I missed the beginning, so this starts a couple hours in):

On Monday morning, the forms will be stripped and we can move on to waterproofing and the the rest of the foundation work…

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Ben Leybovich July 3, 2014 at 9:26 am

Guys – this is flat out cool!

You should write a book, or something…oops – forgot who I’m talking to…


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