Final Plans In-Hand

by J Scott on February 7, 2014

We just received our final plans from the drafting company. The purpose of these is to capture enough detail of the floor plan, the elevations, the roof plan, the foundation plan, the structural components and bracing, etc., that we can get permits to build the house. This is also all the information our contractors should need to build the house without any additional information from us (other than the finish materials).

Here are the final plans…click for the full document:

Final Plans

After working with our contractors on optimizing some of the implementation details (i.e., to save money), we do have a small set of changes that will be needed:

1. Change Hardi-plank siding to Vinyl
2. Remove the “shake” style of siding on the sides and back of house
3. On the front of the house, change the cedar shake to board & batten on two sections

1. Change the foundation walls to 10″ thick instead of 8″ thick
2. Remove the Arch Opening under the stairs (replace with straight opening)
3. Change the “Wine Cellar” to “Craft Room” (Contractors will charge more if they think it’s a wine cellar 🙂
4. For the Craft Room, move the left wall about 4.5 feet to the left, to be in line with the right wall of the media room closet
5. For the Craft Room, change the door into this room to an inswing
6. Add a door from the Craft Room into the Mechanicals Area.

1. Change front (entry door) to 12″ side lights instead of 14″
2. Change the foyer closet door to a single 28″ door instead of double doors
3. Change the column at the front wall to a 10″ x 2′ wall, to match the dining room opposite corner wall
4. Bath: Flip the bathtub, so the plumbing is on the same wall as toilet and sink

1. Bath: Flip the bathtub, so the plumbing is on the same wall as toilet and sink

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