Fab Friday Photos- Week 11

by Carol Scott on August 29, 2014

Wow, what a week! The Bill Werking Drywall Crew had an outstanding performance of underpromising and overdelivering, as they showed up on site TWO DAYS EARLY– on a Saturday no less– and banged out 65% of the rough drywall in one workday. Rockstar overachievers!

This unexpected surprise left J scrambling to fill the support posts in the basement with concrete, so the crew could install drywall when they returned on Monday. Here’s a fun challenge for you: try getting a concrete guy in on a Sunday. Haha! So J and Brian took matters in their own hands and dragged 80-lb. bag after 80-lb. bag of concrete down into the deep dark basement – and proceeded to mix, pour, and level all 4 holes in one afternoon. Nice work, boys! Our super l’il 4-year-old helper lent a nice touch as well :o)

Bill Werking’s hanging crew finished up on Monday; and the clean-up crew was onsite first thing Tuesday to remove the scraps and debris from throughout the house. The tape & mudding crew (yes, there are THREE different crews with distinct responsibilities for drywall installation) arrived on Wednesday to work their magic and continued through the end of the week to leave us with some OUTSTANDING results.

Simultaneously, on Friday, Bartley Corp. was back onsite hauling away over a dozen dump trucks full of dirt to complete the second pass in grading the property and give us our front yard back! What can we say … this week ROCKED!

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