Fab Friday Photos- Week 10

by Carol Scott on August 22, 2014

What a week it’s been! J worked his master Tetris skills to pack sooooo much into five little days: on Monday, P Electric Co., our fabulous electrician, was onsite walking the inspector through every little last detail to ensure we passed our electrical rough-in inspection. Shortly thereafter, J called in the Framing Inspection only to discover some issues with the survey that sent him on a wild goose chase for the next 15 hours to clear up a huge scare involving some transposed numbers. Once he solved that crisis by Tuesday morning, he met with the Framing Inspector, who granted a conditional PASS! (This was THE super-important inspection, making sure essentially everything we had done so far was a-ok!)

Devere Insulation rolled in later that afternoon to deliver insulation materials and proceeded to, over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, caulk each and every little bitty gap throughout the house and insulate all the exterior walls per code, ceilings as needed, and a few interior walls we’d requested for soundproofing. Simultaneously, Builders First Source was back on site installing the screened-in porch; and earlier this (Friday) morning, the Bill Werking Drywall crew delivered a ginormous flatbed full of drywall, tape, mud and other drywall supplies and proceeded to load it into the house.

Our underage clean-up crew was also busy at work making the jobsite sparkle and shine early Friday in preparation for the Inspector to come back to ensure the framing conditions were met and insulation was up to code. Green light… and PASS! Crazy nutso ridiculous awesome week for sure – on to drywall installation starting Monday!

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