Backfill Completed – Pictures

by J Scott on July 13, 2014

Our foundation company was out on Friday and completed the backfill of dirt around the foundation and in the areas that will get concrete slabs. While typically the backfill would be done after the slabs are poured, we had a couple areas that needed to get filled in order to be able to finish the concrete work (garage, areaway, front porch). Instead of doing the backfill of the areas that needed concrete now and then backfilling the rest later, they decided to do it all in one shot. Luckily, the walls have had about two weeks to cure (harden), so I didn’t mind backfilling a little early.

The crew will be back out this week to finish the prep for the remaining concrete, get inspections and then pour the final concrete. Weather permitting, we should finish all foundation work this week and start on framing next week. There’s still some extra dirt on site that will need to be hauled…hopefully they will get taken care of this week or next.

Here are some pictures of the backfilled foundation…

Garage backfilled and ready for slab:

Wall along right-hand side of house:

This is the back yard — the screened porch and deck footers are below the dirt:

Areaway got some dirt before steps are poured:

Front porch filled in and ready for slab and steps:

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