Advanced Plans In-Hand

by J Scott on January 16, 2014

It’s been a couple months since we got our last version of the architectural plans, but the drafting firm was busy and we were in no hurry given our revised schedule (based on having to do the ECP/SDP). Anyway, they just sent us the Advanced Plans. The purpose of these is to capture all the details of the floor plan, the elevations, the roof plan and the foundation plan so that we can start getting bids.

Here they are…click for the full document:

Advanced Plans

We have some minor changes we want to make here and there, and the only major change is to replace the “bilco” doors (behind the garage that provide access to the basement) with an areaway (a full-sized concrete walk-down with an exterior door to the basement). This was suggested by a couple of our foundation guys, and does seem to be a much nicer solution to getting big stuff in and out of the basement.

Time to start getting our construction bids…

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